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A Letter from Jane

I'm sorry this thank you note is delayed, but I'm so happy to be able  to thank you again for your excellent help of my mother, Margaret, now  91 years old. As you know, my brother, sister and I badly needed help  with our mother because neither my sister or I live in the Bay Area, and  my brother, who does live in San Francisco, is the sole support of his  family and has an enormously demanding job. Lighthouse Caregiver was  highly recommended by The Heritage where our mother has lived for over  ten years. We trust The Heritage enormously, and were more than willing  to try out your services. Having you available to take Margaret to various appointments  (including the dentist, her eye doctor, and others) has been a great  blessing for us. This is not just because you are efficient and  responsible and always get the job done well and on time. It's also  because of the caring and sensitivity you have consistently shown to  Margaret. Because she now suffers from dementia and is physically frail,  she presents some real challenges. I know how anxious she gets when she  is out of familiar settings and routines. Lighthouse Caregivers was  never deterred and was always careful and kind. The notes you sent to us after having helped Margaret get to and from  her appointments were enormously helpful to me, the child of a fragile,  elderly person. I always felt reassured after getting your reports on  how she did when she was with you. So your services benefited not just  our mother, but also her children. I can't begin to tell you how much I  appreciate that. I think anyone would be lucky to be able to turn to you for your excellent services.  



Lighthouse Caregivers have provided my grandmother with 24 hour care  for the past three years.  Joy and her staff have provided exceptional  care and are professional and attentive to accommodate my grandmother's  daily needs.  Joy has supported us with medical care, grocery shopping,  and doctors' appointments.  Joy is professional, personable, and  genuinely cares about the elderly.
Lighthouse offers rates that are very reasonable compared to other  companies. Joy -- the owner of the company -- puts in the time upfront  by interviewing her clients and employees to ensure she finds a suitable  caregiver. My grandmother loves her two caregivers and enjoys the  companionship and care they provide. I would definitely recommend this company to my family and friends as  once again they are professional, attentive, and provide exceptional  care.  


Lighthouse Caregivers have provided my parents (afflicted with dementia)  with excellent caregivers for the past three years,  Ms J. Clark ,  owner, has been instrumental in managing our progressive needs over the  years with excellent caregivers: Letty and Gemma. Their rates are very  reasonable compared with the current market and I am very happy with the  CGs abilities to converse in Tagalog (Filipino) with my folks.  I would  highly recommend to anyone looking for senior care to contact J. Clark,   whether its for companionship purposes, or in our cases, dementia care  along with light housekeeping services. They also provide the ability  to assist in grocery shopping, doctors' appointments etc.. Ms Clark is  very attentive to your needs and I highly recommend that she be placed  on your prospect list when interviewing.


I was going out of town unexpectedly, and the caregiver that I’ve had  for years cancelled at the last minute; I had reservations and tickets.  I was going to lose almost US $2,000 if I didn’t go. That’s when I  contacted Several people called me back, but Joy, the owner  of Lighthouse Caregivers, was willing to work with me on the spur of the  moment. I had to meet them really quickly and see if I got a good vibe,  and then I had my neighbors keep an eye on everything. Joy is very understanding and dedicated. She works with your schedule  and the type of person you want. The lady that I did decide to go with  was phenomenal. She ended up spending the whole weekend with my mother  who she didn’t know and did everything exactly how I did it. I didn’t  even have the chance to run her through an orientation and show her  every single detail. I wrote things down, and she kept a journal and  showed me everything she did when I got home. I was extremely impressed  with her. She got a full time job, so she’ll be willing to help me  whenever she has days off, but I absolutely loved her and so did my  mother. If I text her, she texts right back. She had just been really  good all around.